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Lourinda bray is running horse studio.
Carousel horses are what she does
best. There are many ways of selling
carousel. One way is to spell it with to
ours on merry-go-round. In Irwindale,
Lorraine bray has her running horse
studio. There are so many different
types of carousel animals to look at.
She is constantly restoring all manner
of merry-go-round figures. Carousel
horses merry-go-round Lions and

What carousel animal is in need of
repair Lorraine bray knows exactly
what it needs she has all of the repair
facilities at her disposal she also the
as horsehair tails. She is very selective
about her horsehair tails they are the
best in business. If anyone is in need
of a horsehair tail or wishes to place a
wooden tail with a horsehair tail on a
carousel figure Lourinda is the place to
go to get a carousel figure tail.

Lourinda specializes in paint she does
gold leaf very well gold leaf Manes
used to be on various carousel figures
such as Lou, and Illions. Other more
traditional figures like Dentzel, PTC,
Herschell-Spillman are also specialties
of her shop will render owners to
complete Herschell-Spillman carousels
that’s a great many figures of standing
and jumping carousel figures.
Currently she is working on a Muller
Tiger. It will be one of the great pieces
of her collection of 350 carousel
animals. Someday she will take her
entire carousel animal collection and
put it in a museum. In the meantime
she may take selections of her
carousel horses or carousel
menagerie and put it out for display in
traveling exhibitions. lourinda Bray and
her running horse studio are renowned
amongst all the collectors in the
national carousel Association. If you
are thinking of starting a carousel
collection or even just looking at
purchasing a merry-go-round you
should talk with Lourinda Bray.
Lourinda Bray's
Running Horse Studio
The place for all things relating to Carousel culture and information
We specialize in:
"Back to Factory" Restoration
We can take a bag of wood shards and
rebuild them into a beloved, fully
restored carousel animal.

Color Research  
We use factory colors and
can return a piece to its own original
factory paint, if we see bits and colors
of it during restoration. Or we can
deliver a bright new horse
in colors you choose.

Gold and Aluminum Leafing
Several original factories used lavish
leafing and glazing  to create glittering,
stunning works of art.
Running Horse Studio can do as much
as much or as little of this dynamic, but
painstaking skill as fits your style.

Painters Skilled in "Old School"
Stippling and oil painting by hand is
a nearly lost art in this age of
air-brush and spray.  Running Horse
Studio prefers the
the old fashioned way.

New carvings
You hanker for a carousel piece that
reflects your interest, or perhaps that
special pet you wish to memorialize?
We know the very best carvers
in the business.

Information and Insight
If we don't know, which is doubtful,
we do know who does know.

Acquisition and Purchase
Looking to invest in a figure?
Contact us first for sage advice.

Email Running Horse Studio
A brimming,
huge  warehouse
of carousel
and merry go round
expertise, restoration,
and preservation.

Whatever you seek
in the world of carousel,
Running Horse Studio
is the one-stop shop.

Running Horse Studio
began it's journey
with one Dentzel mule
in the early 1980's.  It has
burgeoned into one of the
world's largest collections.

Lourinda and her team
stand among
the most respected
as the source for experts,
animal identification,
original, classic,
or neo restoration,
historical knowledge,
and an avid passion
for all things carousel
~or merry-go-round
however you prefer
to call them.
Running Horse Studio
"Back to Factory" restoration.

Antique carousel figures
looking fresh and clean,
the way they would
have appeared when they
first emerged from the
carousel factory 80 to 140
years ago.

Attention to details, including
glazed leafing, pin-striping,
freehand patterns, family
crests, bright colors, textured
saddles, animal colors and

Running Horse Studio
is no ordinary restoration!
Lourinda Bray has been featured in books, on TV and
in numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

The erudite  
Running Horse Studio has hosted
the National Carousel Association tech conference,
the National Carousel Association convention,
the old American Carousel Society convention,
and many other carousel-related
fan groups.

The Bray Collection is in active work and negotiation
to create a carousel center as a museum and staging
facility for exhibitions and full restoration workshop.
Do you know
your Dentzels
from your Looffs?
Your Allan Herschells
from your

Running Horse Studio
offers identification, and
appraisal service.

We offer assistance with
the location and the
purchase of carousel
figures, an key asset in a
world of fakes and
uninformed antique dealers.

You can trust us, Lourinda
proof-reads final copy of
The Carousel News
and Trader magazine.

Are you considering a class
to help learn how to paint
your own steed?
Running Horse Studios has
offered them and trained
The Bray
The Bray carousel figure collection
The Bray
The Bray carousel figure collection
The Bray carousel figure collection
The Bray carousel
figure collection
The Bray carousel figure collection
Carousel and Merry go round
Carousel and Merry go round
Contact Running Horse Studio
Contact Running Horse Studio