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Lourinda bray is running horse studio. Carousel horses are what
she does best. There are many ways of selling carousel. One way
is to spell it with to ours on merry-go-round. In Irwindale, Lorraine
bray has her running horse studio. There are so many different
types of carousel animals to look at. She is constantly restoring all
manner of merry-go-round figures. Carousel horses merry-go-
round Lions and Tigers.

What carousel animal is in need of repair Lorraine bray knows
exactly what it needs she has all of the repair facilities at her
disposal she also the as horsehair tails. She is very selective
about her horsehair tails they are the best in business. If anyone
is in need of a horsehair tail or wishes to place a wooden tail with
a horsehair tail on a carousel figure Lourinda is the place to go to
get a carousel figure tail.

Lourinda specializes in paint she does gold leaf very well gold leaf
Manes used to be on various carousel figures such as Lou, and
Illions. Other more traditional figures like Dentzel, PTC, Herschell-
Spillman are also specialties of her shop will render owners to
complete Herschell-Spillman carousels that’s a great many figures
of standing and jumping carousel figures.
Currently she is working on a Muller Tiger. It will be one of the
great pieces of her collection of 350 carousel animals. Someday
she will take her entire carousel animal collection and put it in a
museum. In the meantime she may take selections of her carousel
horses or carousel menagerie and put it out for display in
traveling exhibitions. lourinda Bray and her running horse studio
are renowned amongst all the collectors in the national carousel
Association. If you are thinking of starting a carousel collection or
even just looking at purchasing a merry-go-round you should talk
with Lourinda Bray.
Lourinda Bray's
Running Horse Studio
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Fulfill fact or fancy
with a Carousel Horse or
Carousel Menagerie figure created
to your heart's desire!

Running Horse Studio offers new carousel
carvings by master carvers in the carousel and
merry go round genre. Unique or traditional
carousel figures are possible through the work
of the very finest carousel carvers alive today.
Some of them are superior to the classic carousel
carvers of the Golden Age.

Running Horse Studio knows several master
woodcarvers in the area who can make any carousel
horse, animal or decor that is required. Our client
may also choose any special decorative elements on
the carousel figure trappings. Antique figures may be
copied or entirely new designs may be conjured. The
figure can be painted at Running Horse Studio to the
client so desire.

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Carousel and Merry go round
Carousel and Merry go round