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Lourinda bray is
running horse
studio. Carousel
horses are what she
does best. There are
many ways of selling
carousel. One way is
to spell it with to ours
on merry-go-round.
In Irwindale, Lorraine
bray has her running
horse studio. There
are so many
different types of
carousel animals to
look at. She is
constantly restoring
all manner of merry-
go-round figures.
Carousel horses
Lions and Tigers.

What carousel
animal is in need of
repair Lorraine bray
knows exactly what it
needs she has all of
the repair facilities at
her disposal she
also the as horsehair
tails. She is very
selective about her
horsehair tails they
are the best in
business. If anyone
is in need of a
horsehair tail or
wishes to place a
wooden tail with a
horsehair tail on a
carousel figure
Lourinda is the place
to go to get a
carousel figure tail.

Lourinda specializes
in paint she does
gold leaf very well
gold leaf Manes
used to be on
various carousel
figures such as Lou,
and Illions. Other
more traditional
figures like Dentzel,
PTC, Herschell-
Spillman are also
specialties of her
shop will render
owners to complete
carousels that’s a
great many figures
of standing and
jumping carousel
Currently she is
working on a Muller
Tiger. It will be one
of the great pieces
of her collection of
350 carousel
animals. Someday
she will take her
entire carousel
animal collection and
put it in a museum.
In the meantime she
may take selections
of her carousel
horses or carousel
menagerie and put it
out for display in
traveling exhibitions.
lourinda Bray and
her running horse
studio are renowned
amongst all the
collectors in the
national carousel
Association. If you
are thinking of
starting a carousel
collection or even
just looking at
purchasing a merry-
go-round you should
talk with Lourinda

Many people have invested themselves in
their carousel collections and pieces.
As we grow older, there are fears that our
children or others
may simply sell off all that we have spent
our lives accumulating and appreciating.

Lourinda Bray is in the process of founding
a major carousel museum and carousel
exhibition center
to protect and present carousel figures
and all who appreciate them in a highly
favorable light
via education and showcase.  Like many
people who are passionate for the carousel
animal, Lourinda does not want carousel
pieces or the experience of seeing them
forgotten by children who may never ride,
or adults who wax nostalgically for them.

If you would like more information on
preserving your carousel legacy beyond
your years,
please contact us for a confidential

You will be glad you did.

Running Horse Studio
Do you have  a venue
looking for a fabulous
Talk to us about the

Carousel and merry go round
shows, museum presentations
and full corporate exhibitions
are possible.
If desired, one can even include
an operating carousel  
These are not inexpensive
propositions, but carousel
horses and menagerie have
proven to be
a popular event with a major
draw for public interest, media
coverage and general

Don't just imagine the

Contact us below to discuss
the possibilities:

Running Horse Studio
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Lourinda Bray's
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