Metal leafing is done by hand in the
time-honored way,
using tedious and practiced technique plus
oil size. 23 carat yellow gold, Japanese white
and Japanese aluminum leaf and then given a
final tinting color according to the old, original
carousel makers formulas.

A final coat of clear, non-yellowing varnish is
applied over the entire piece with the exception
of the metal leaf, to leave a the satin finish to
contrast with the bright reflection of the
shimmering leaf and glazing.
Running Horse Studio

offers "Back to Factory"
carousel restoration.

Antique carousel figures looking fresh
and clean,
the way they would
have appeared when they
first emerged from the carousel factory
80 to 140 years ago.

Attention to details, including glazed
leafing, pin-striping, freehand patterns,
family crests, bright colors, textured
saddles, animal colors and markings...

Running Horse Studio
is no ordinary restoration!
Lourinda Bray's
Running Horse Studio
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Running Horse Studio offers the
restoration of carousel horses
and carousel menagerie with
the emphasis on returning them
to the condition they were when
they left the carousel factory.  

Whether individual carousel horses, merry go round
memorabilia or full operating carousels and merry go
rounds, bring them on!  We have been actively
involved with all.

Running Horse Studio specializes in restoring historic
hand-carved carousel horses to factory fresh
conditions. The wood carving on figures is performed
by master woodcarvers in the area. The carousel
painting styles, and metal leafing is crafted
by experts at the Running Horse Studio.

Our Running Horse Studio carousel restoration
process includes the removal of all metal additions,
such as nails, screws, braces, patches, etc.  Also, the
removal of dried hide glue, all bondo and epoxy fillers,
the replacement of missing pieces such
as legs, ears, eyes, tails, trappings, etc.,
plus crisping up the edges and veining.  

Our extensive carousel archives make it possible
to be quite accurate with the repairs.
We also have access to many carousel factory color
palates and overpainted decorative patterns.
Running Horse Studio is skilled in the use of metal
leaf and tinting to enhance carousel figures.

Carousel restoration services and inquiries regarding
replacement eyes for carousel horses and menagerie
may be made via the email link below:  

Running Horse Studio

Like the old saying...

eyes are the windows to the soul
bright, new eyes to a carousel animal bring
back the liveliness.  Running Horse Studio has
a wide selection of eyes, even for goats and
other slit-pupils beasties.  Sold in millimeter

Email below with inquires:

Running Horse Studio
Gold leaf mane Carousel Horse
Lourinda Bray with her carousel horses
Showcase Herschell carousel horse
Carousel Horse
trapping details
A cherub graces the
saddle of a carousel
Lourinda Bray with her carousel horses
Pelts, like this wolf,
decorate carousel
horses instead of
Carousel and Merry go round
Carousel and Merry go round